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Dear Readers,

This is going to be a big year, and I hope you enjoy the ride. I've currently left social media, simply becasue it has become too difficult to focus on both the writing and the upkeep with all of the readers.

So, if you were on FB and had liked my page, and then it went POOF, it's because I simply can't manage both. I answer all the emails along with the day-to-day jobs required when writing a book. (Oh, and that's a whole lot of things to be accomplished in a day)

I apologize that our interactions won't be on social media, but you can always follow my blog, or email me. I do answer every one of the emails I get.

I also am going to address my ethincity. It was brought up in a review that I was fetishizing Natives.

I'm part Native American, and my intent is to only give you a world where everyone is equal, and anyone can run the FBI. Long ago, the only representation was the bodice rippers that brought Natives into the spotlight. They are so much more. Personally, I believe The Great Spirit gave us Natives to be the keepers of our world, and I'm proud to be part Native. 

Now, here's to a new year, and to a whole bunch of fun coming your way.