Anthology~~ All Characters

Straight Romance/Thriller

     Erotic short stories (Contains M/F/M situations.)

Croft & Croft Romance Adventures

​Greyson & Emma Croft

​Straight Romance/Thriller

The Carter Chronicles Trilogy~~

Callista, Lucas, and Nathaniel

Erotic Vampyre Thriller  ( M/F/M Sex Scenes.)

Straight Romance/ Paranormal (Ghost) Thriller. 

Littlemoon Investigations~~

Tori & Julian

​Straight Romance/ Paranormal Thriller

The Bad Anthology Series 1-3

Erotic Thriller  (Contains M/F/M/M and M/M )

The Wedding Anthology   

Books & Series

Straight Romance/ Thriller 

FBI Series ~~

Elizabeth, Ethan, Christopher, and Callen.

Paranormal Antiquities Series ~~

Jolie, Flynn & Jacques

Croft Family Mob Justice Series~~

​Greyson & Emma Croft

Erotic DemonThriller  ( M/F/M Sex Scenes.)

The Hunter Mercenary Series

Vampyre Thriller Series ~~

Jolie, Flynn & Jacques

Oracle~ The Phoenix Files~

Avalon MIller & Nathaniel Carter