​Quick Facts

Number of series:11
Favorite book she's written: Deep Dark Mire

Favorite Character from her books:Flynn Brogan or Callen Whitefox
Pet Peeve:Intolerant, bigoted people who judge others.

What Morgan did before Writing: Political Scientist. 

Morgan's Hobby: Gardening or baking. 

Favorite Series: She loves anything Flynn. The Antiquities series at the moment. 

Married: Yes, to the same man for 25 years. 

Children:Two. One in college and one in high school.

About Morgan Kelley...


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Amazon Bestselling Author of Erotic/Romantic Thrillers

Morgan Kelley, Native American an Amazon International Bestselling author, is releasing her 139th through her 160th novels this year. She writes from the heart with a touch of heat. Her books include everything from straight romance to M/F/M/M FBI thriller books with a twist. With ELEVEN series going at once, there is something for everyone. 

Currently residing in the Pocono mountains with her husband and two children in an old haunted Victorian, Morgan is a romantic at heart. She's always loved writing. As a child, she spent most of her time living in her own made up worlds. 

Morgan's wish is to make everyone gasp with rich stories that keep you on the edge of your seat. Creepy mysteries, haunting tales, and serial killers, unmatched by anyone in the real world, Morgan takes her adventures to a new level. 

Visit her world. 
You may just fall in love with it, and her.
Love, mayhem, and murder,